Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China - Who does not know Chinese ? a country which is the largest in the continent of Asia which has the densest population of the Continent of Asia , even in Indonesia also have very many people living china . Want to go travel to China ? Read reviews about tourist attractions in China following .

1 Great Wall

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China

Great Wall , the Great Wall was built in the fifth century BC , the Warring States period , the third century BC , Qin Shi Huang unified China , sending three hundred thousand troops led by the North Penpower by the Huns after the original construction of the Great Wall segments connect , and continue to build . The next expansion of ongoing maintenance history , the Ming Dynasty to the mid- seventeenth century , not years , before and after a thousand years of development .The magic of human history
The Great Wall was built continuous length of time , a large number of engineering and heavy construction , history and rich cultural connotations , it is the world of ancient works are difficult to compare . Modern Chinese revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat - sen great democratic Comment Wall said : " The most famous works of the Great Wall of China is also ....... Works great , no other ancient horse , one of the wonders of the world alone . " Former U.S. President Richard Nixon during the visit after the Great Wall , said : " . Only a great nation , in order to come to such a big build the Great Wall " So , the Great Wall as a miracle of human history , in 1987 was included in the " World Heritage List " , decent .This is a great project not only in China in the world , is unique , and because it was several hundred years ago with the Roman Colosseum , the Leaning Tower of Pisa , etc. as one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World .

2. Forbidden City in Beijing

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Beijing Forbidden City was the imperial palace in Ming and Qing dynasties , also known as the Forbidden City . Ancient palaces " like Tianli Palace " to show monarchist " mandate of heaven . " As king emperor , the emperor's palace to live like Heaven " Purple Palace " forbidden , named Forbidden City . The Imperial Palace was built during the years of Yongle ( 1406 ) , Yongle eighteen years ( 1420 ) built . After the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors 24 two . Forbidden scale , covering 720,000 square meters , construction area of ​​over 150,000 square meters , with 9999 housing and a half , is the largest ancient castle in the world and the most complete .
In order to highlight the supreme authority of the emperor , the Forbidden City has a north-south axis through Miyagi , in the axis line , according to the former " sleep , " the ancient system , the layout of the imperial command , symbol regime three central hall ( Wo Hall , hall of Preserving Harmony ) and Empress of life after Kobe ( Palace of Heavenly Purity , Jiao Tai Temple , Kunning ) . On his part Neiting ( dry clean doors north ) , on the establishment of the hosts staying in the palace --- Qianlong period , and lived in the palace --- toffee Cishou Palace as the center of the secondary axis , wherein the minor axis of the two outside again , and Ethernet and doors for ZTE , with the left Wenhua , Wu Ying echoes rights . Two minor axis and the central axis between the Palace vegetarian and Hall of Mental Cultivation , Princess consort of life afterward is something the Palace . For defensive needs , suburban palace has been built 10 meters from the wall , the four corners of the tower , outside the moat .

3. Chengde Mountain Resort

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Chengde Mountain Resort in Chengde City , Hebei Province , China . Is the summer palace of the Qing dynasty Chinese emperor . 230 km from Beijing . By imperial palaces , royal parks and the magnificent temple complex is formed . Chengde Mountain Resort is located in the city center , the northern region of the narrow valley floor Wulie West Bank , which was founded in 1703 , after three generations of Qing dynasty emperors : Kangxi , Yongzheng and Qianlong , took 89 years completed . Villa layout of the building can be divided into two areas most beautiful castles and Yuan , Yuan area can be divided into the Lake District , plains and mountains in three parts . There Kangxi Qian Longqin given 72 times . Having a temple , church , building , museum , pavilion , pavilion , House , Villa , fasting , temples , and other buildings more than 100 . The most prominent feature is a mountain in the park , gardens and mountains .
Summer Mountain Resort was the Qing Emperor summer and dealing with administrative affairs places , such as the famous ancient Chinese imperial palace , built during the reign of four years ( 1703 ) , built in Qianlong 55 years lasted 87 years . Mountain Resort covers an area of ​​5.64 million square meters , surrounded by a wall and winding down Villa meters , is China's largest imperial garden remains a classic . Equivalent to twice the Summer Palace , Beihai Park has eight. Compared with Beijing Forbidden City , Summer Resort Village with a simple and elegant style rustic charm , the character of the natural landscape , absorbing the sights Jiangnan region Saibei into being the biggest palace in the ancient Chinese empire .
Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples is an organic whole that is closely related , but also has a strong contrast of different styles , summer resort is simple and elegant , and magnificent surrounding temples . It is the emperor handle ethnic relations is one important measure . Because there are many historical and cultural heritage groups , so that it becomes Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples national key units of cultural relics protection , ten point , and forty- four protected areas beautiful , Chengde has thus become the first twenty- four national historical and cultural city . December 1994 , Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples ( previously known Rehe palace ) is written on the World Heritage List . May 8, 2007 , Chengde Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples beautiful officially approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state class 5A tourist spot . Mountain Resort and Summer Palace Beijing , Suzhou Humble Administrator Garden , Lingering Garden in Suzhou are four first batch of national key units of cultural relics protection in the park together and are known as China's four famous gardens .

4. Huangshan

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Huangshan , Huangshan City in Anhui Province , the entire city of Yixian County , Xiuning and Huangshan District , Huizhou District , an area of ​​1,078 square kilometers . Huangshan is one of three mountains Sanshanwuyue . Huangshan Scenic beauty of the natural landscape , pine , rocks , clouds , hot springs, Huangshan winter snow Su said , " five no " , both local and overseas visitors Festival . Huangshan 82 peak , Cui Wei or strong , or the sheer beauty , patchwork layout , natural Qiao Cheng , and Heavenly Capital Peak , Lotus Peak , Summit bright three main peaks as a distributing center for up to three weeks , fell into the valley valley , mountainous and lifted into the cliff .Huangshan has a long history , much in the six or seven thousand years ago, the 51 century BC , China post matriarchal society , humans have this beautiful and fertile mountain 's work and life .
In the back three , four thousand years the Shang period , here called mountain inhabited by more ancestors . Bai Yue Yue was one . In the Spring and Autumn Period , here is the first Wu , Wu more deaths , more deaths Chu . Qin Shi Huang unified later , the implementation of prefectures and counties , here Hueiji County area . Southern Dynasty began to establish a new weapon , but never out of the city area upstream relocation Xinanjiang ancient Huizhou Xin , resources to cover this .
Song Huizong Vision and May 2003 , 24 , ( AD 1121 ) , Shezhou been drawn to Huizhou . About the origin of the name Huizhou , its territories Ridge emblem , the symbol of water , the emblem of the villages and so forth , as its name states , the other said Zhao Song Dynasty was to take a " symbol of goodness is also " intended to showcase the region of his back . The coexistence of the two that eight hundred years , the state is also used since ancient Qing Emperor Kangxi six years ( AD 1667 ) when the province is the elimination of Anqing , Huizhou two provincial governments as the first word of the name .

5. West Lake di Hangzhou

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Hangzhou West Lake in Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province west of the city of Hangzhou , formerly known as Wulin Water , Qiantang Lake , West Lake , West Lake , said before the Song Dynasty . It's a beautiful lake and mountains and many attractions and abroad , is a famous tourist destination , also known as heaven on earth .
As the center of the beautiful West Lake , Lake District , lake district , North Mountain , Nanshan District , and Qiantang five regions , with a total area of ​​49 square kilometers . The beauty lies in the sunny Lake shimmering water , air mountain rain Mongolia . Either snow or rain Mostly cloudy , either late morning Xia Hui , could turn into a scene , the spring flowers , moon , Xiahe , each with the beauty of winter snow . Sir Georg Solti by the lake , Shiratsutsumi two parts called the beautiful landscape .
West Lake tourist area is three - dimensional and all - round , regardless of the angle that many can see the elegance , has a " neutral scenes in the city , people were swimming in the painting " feeling . History of " Qiantang Ten , " " West 18 King " and so on , especially the Southern Song Dynasty naming "West Lake . " 1985 called " New West Lake " , 2007 West Lake has chosen a new Ten .
West Lake as the center of the 60 square axiom Scenic Area , the main focus in view of the distribution of the 40 monuments 30 points . Summarized in the West Lake , especially lakes , two peaks , three eyes , four Temple , five mountains , six parks , seven holes , eight tombs , Jiuxi , Ten win . 1982 West Lake was identified as a national scenic area , in 1985 was named " China's top ten beautiful places " one . May 8, 2007 , Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state class 5A tourist spot .
" In the middle of a good sparkling bright side , the rain kept empty mountains too weird , " the beautiful West shows graceful Fang - greet friends from five lakes , guests from around the world

6. Guilin

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Guilin Lijiang River Scenic Area is the largest and most beautiful karst landscape beautiful tourist areas in the world , thousands of years I do not know how many men of letters drunk . Guilin Guilin scenery center , Larix Lingqu north , south to Yangshuo , Li River water are connected . Guilin to " green hills , odd holes , " Ruin famous . The River ( Lijiang ) , two holes ( Reed Flute Cave , Seven Star Crags ) , three mountains ( Solitary Beauty Peak , Fubo Hill , Folded Brocade Hill ) most representative

7. Terracotta Warriors di Xian

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an Lishan Mountain , shaded by dense forest a group of large -scale , appearance and unique buildings , world-famous Terracotta Warriors Museum .Terracotta method combines multi - use molds made from ceramic molds used to make the initial first child , then covered with a layer of fine mud processing illustrate add color , after burning a few select first , some choose first and then burned .
In fact , every year has a bright terracotta painted harmony . We found during excavations unearthed some of the statues only when local preserves bright colors , excavated after the air is dry, the color will slowly fall . Now can see only residual traces of painting . Terracotta trains , infantry , cavalry mounted to a variety of battle . Overall a strong style , fitness , concise . If you look close , face , hair , body , charm different : some pottery horse erect ears , mouth and some screaming , some just shut up . All of the Terracotta Warriors is full of people who are infected with artistic charm

8. Kebun Suzhou

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Suzhou gardens of Suzhou gardens are famous for their beauty reputation , there is the so-called " south park paradise , a garden of Suzhou Jiangnan " word .
Classical Gardens of Suzhou " In a city wall and a landscape Yi , bustling city while Lingquan cause, " history can be traced back to the 6th century BC king of the garden Spring and Autumn , the earliest records are found in private gardens Eastern Jin Dynasty ( fourth century ) of Bijiang parks , ancient garden growing , many well-known parks in the Ming and Qing dynasties , Suzhou became one of the most prosperous regions in China , private gardens throughout the city and beyond Nene .16,17,18 century heyday , Suzhou gardens of 200 , there is still a great saving over 60 , and thus making Suzhou known as " paradise , garden city " in the world .
As a typical example of classical gardens of Suzhou Humble Administrator Garden , Lingering Garden Nets Garden and the Mountain Villa , resulting in the development of private gardens in Suzhou glory , with a mood that is too obvious , and build a sophisticated , artistic elegance , rich culture and become a model Suzhou garden classical and various representatives . 1997 and 2001 there were nine parks , World Heritage List of UNESCO.

So what ? It 's beautiful tourist attractions in China ? want a free way street ? must be used before it can attempt a free-free . China Travel is awesome and there is also one of the wonders of the world is the Great Wall , a loss that does not travel to China to visit the Great Wall of China is included in the Tourist attractions in China are compulsory for the visit. A few of my reviews of travel destinations in china may be useful.



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Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in China
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